What we are

We are the new kid on the block bringing the wonders of the 'digital world' to brands of all sizes, providing cost effective, time efficient, and innovative ways of advertising.

We are rapidly growing a positive reputation in the market for being a reliable, dynamic and exciting organisation. DigiDo was Co-founded by joint Managing Directors Fred Telfer and Joe Newton who's combined experience across digital marketing & advertising, design, construction, agriculture and social is recognised.

What we DigiDo

We specialise in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram Advertising. Being results driven, we ensure that our customers come first and that our team are on hand to optimise when necessary at any point throughout a campaign

How we DigiDo it

We deliver our digitally focussed projects by being 'all ears at all times'. As the industry evolves, we take pride in ensuring diversity is present throughout all the work we do, especially when clients want to engage with diversity through advertising, as this is where authenticity comes into play. 

Before any work is completed, we ensure that we hold full customer consultation sessions so we achieve exactly what our customers want.


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