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Building your brand is so much more than just designing a fancy logo.

Yes, our team create iconic logo's that people will remember, but there's a lot more to it. We focus on creating a unique tone with a matching persona to ensure customers experience a memorable 'vibe' when interacting with your brand.

If your brand were a person, what would they look like, dress like and act like? This is where the development of your brand starts and where we work out how your customers should perceive your business.

Our process

We like to stick to a simple process to maximise efficiency. We make sure that our team build a comfortable relationship with you, to allow for flexible communication.

  • Initial intro to your brand (in person or via video call or phone call). This is where we get to know your brand, it's customers and the current feel that sits alongside it. We find out what type of branding you want and what would work best for your brand.

  • We follow up with further questions to better our teams knowledge of what you want for your business.

  • Our team then get to work. We don't believe in a limit to the number of concepts that our team provide. The more we know about your brand and it's goals, the better our team can bring more of a variety of ideas and designs to the table.

  • We arrange a 'during-design' catch up. This is where we present the initial concepts and ask for your feedback. As much as you can provide!

  • Our team then get back to work, make the amends, and touch up the edges.

  • We then gather for a final review and selection.

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