What is SEO?

SEO is (search engine optimisation). SEO is another step in marketing and advertising towards increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic. SEO is related to the usage and effectiveness of keywords that are used on a website.

Why use SEO?

With this question, their are a few points that stand out straight away. 


  1. 53% of organic search clicks will go to the first link. WE have the ability to get your business there.

  2. 75% of users never click past the first search page.

  3. 89% of users use search engines for purchase options.

How we DigiDo it...

Our SEO specialists work strategically to work on and find the keywords that ensure your website is shown and recognised high up in search results. Our specialists will also work on location, products & services your business offers.


This is so we have an accurate strategy so your business can shine above others and get ahead of your competition.

Why DigiDo?

Here at DigiDo Media, we encourage our team to hold consultation sessions where we gain a complete understanding of your brands goals, providing insight and reasoning into the key words that most relate to your brand enabling us to work efficiently and effectively.

We make sure that YOU stand out.

Next step...

Get in touch and we can work together to build a digital partnership.

What's so great about SEO?

When running a digital advertising campaign with us, we offer website analysis, which is where our team will scan your website for keywords it may be missing. By adding or replacing certain keywords we can maximise your position in google searches.

SEO Packages



Are you looking to target specific areas for where your business is located? If so, Local SEO is for you. Our Local SEO package is designed for businesses in a physical location, who require a location based search.

Don't rely on a physical location? Trying to target Industries with medium to high competition of recognition? Global SEO is the package for you. 





Are you a business selling products online? Or are you competing against businesses with highly competitive keywords? Get in touch about our E-commerce SEO Package.

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